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Industry leaders in installations with a built-in ethos of safety and value.

We can design and install all forms of ventilation systems. From a single extract from a WC to an input system to a commercial warehouse.

With Bmech you will receive with a fully comprehensive design, installation and maintenance service for all forms of mechanical ventilation. We have many years of experience in ventilation installation for applications including evaporative cooling, intake and extract systems, roof mounted extract fans and natural ventilation systems.

Our Solution
Ventilation can be used in the form of natural or forced depending on the application and designed correctly. Natural ventilation has several benefits: low running cost, zero energy consumption, low maintenance and low initial cost. It is also regarded as healthier, having fewer hygiene problems with ducts, and filters etc, and the 'naturalness' in the way that it connects with outside, often in conjunction with windows, is seen as a psychological benefit. Mechanical ventilation provides you with the benefit of control to your ventilation. Using fans/dampers and ventilators, systems can be designed to provide you with the exact air changes that will make your environment comfortable with your requirements. You can trust Bmech to carry out all of your ventilation requirements.

If you have heat issues are requiring ventilation, please get in touch for more information on our evaporative cooling systems. Combines with ventilation, Evaporative cooling will provide 100% fresh makeup air that would be required if extracting, but with the added benefit of very efficient cooling using just water as the cooling medium. This will provide cooling to your workplace in summer months when just extracting alone is not enough resulting in a more comfortable workplace and increased productivity.



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