Ventilating buildings to get the UK back to work safely

Following the recent Covid-19 pandemic, we have been advising on the most suitable ventilation improvements that can be made in commercial premises to prevent the spread of Covid-19. We have provided advice to clients on how best to set up a ventilation system, how best to maintain ventilation systems and if any upgrades can be made to existing ventilation systems to prevent the spread of Covid-19. In doing so, one product has stood out if you are looking to upgrade your ventilation system to prevent Covid -19 and make your working environment as safe as possible – Bi-Polar Ionisation (BPI).

Bi-Polar Ionisation works by charging air IONs in a ventilation system and once this air is supplied into a room, it breaks down the opposing air IONs in the room. This does not just clean the air that is in the room, it will break down the IONs on the surfaces meaning all forms of contaminants that include Covid, Particular matter (that in the bigger picture is a bigger killer than Covid), bacteria, germs, odours and VOCs. All of these air improvements can be monitored on digital air quality displays located within the occupied areas. Also to monitor the overall air quality, return air sensors are installed close to the return AHU air that will monitor the conditions and report back to a head end (Web page but can be built in to a sites BMS and recorded on that). The technology is amazing and we believe this will form a major part of the economy’s recovery and greatly put faith in office and work staff returning to work based work.

Bi-Polar Ionisation is more effective and long-lasting than competing technologies, such as needlepoint ionization. The treated airs ions last longer in the atmosphere and the ionising tubes only need to be changed every two years, so quite minimal maintenance requirements – of which Bmech Support can provide you with.

This technology is proven to provide:

  • 99% reduction in Coronavirus
  • 99% reduction in MS2 virus
  • 99% reduction in MRSA & STAPH
  • 99% reduction in MS2 virus
  • 95% reduction in ultrafine particles including particular matter
  • 90% reduction in Volatile Organic Particles (VOCs)

Indoor air quality (IAQ) monitors

To support our upgrades to the existing ventilation system, we can provide digital Atmos Aware digital indoor air quality monitors to provide the people within the air being supplied by our treated air. This can provide peace of mind that the air they are breathing and the room that that they are in are as safe as can possibly be. The system can also be linked to a buildings BMS for integration into your bespoke building management system. Our IAQ monitors provide:

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